About Vauer Clothing

Personal Philosophy: Look Good, Feel Good.

It is very important to us here at Vauer that you feel as good as you look. Not only do we ensure pleasurable comfort when wearing Vauer apparel, you’ll also be drippin’ from the minute our threads hit your hands.

When Vauer was first established in 2016, we envisioned styles that can be rocked in rain, hail, shine or at Nans 90th birthday. We support the communities different perspectives on style and believe it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside when your’e wearing it. Everyone has a unique taste, and we strive to provide a cruelty free range that takes you from your thicc puffer jackets all the way down to the socks that soak up the sweat from the bottom of your feet.

To stock clothes we are %100 happy with, high standards have been set to make sure the quality, comfort, affordability, warmth and most importantly style are at the top of the local fashion industry.

​Why shouldn’t you look as good as you feel?

It’s time to spoil yourself Kings and Queens!

Please note that we endorse the responsible and humane production of all clothing items advertised. No animals feathers,are used in Vauer puffer jackets.